WAARF's Board

Tom Flickinger County Treasurer
Faith Bjalobok, Ph.D. Fellow, Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
Founder, Fluffyjean Fund for Felines
Nick Sherman County Commissioner
Hal Kestler Attorney at Law
Paul Volz VMD
Mary Ann Bender VMD


The mission of the (WAARF) Washington County Abused Animal Relief Fund, is to provide financial assistance in paying major medical expenses for animals seized by Washington County Humane Agents, animals rescued by legitimate Washington County rescues and Washington County K9 officers.

The Washington Abused Animal Relief Fund (WAARF)

Humane officers deal with animal abuse every day, which involves mistreatment through criminal action, neglect or by people who are mentally ill. The pain of an animal who lingers with untreated illnesses or wounds, or without nourishment or shelter, can be tremendous because their suffering is so prolonged. 

For the abused and neglected animals of Washington County, a fund is available to help provide financial care in animal cruelty cases. The Washington Abused Animal Relief Fund (WAARF) was established in 2021. WAARF provides funds dedicated solely for the care and recovery of these abused animals with support from Washington County Treasurer, Tom Flickinger, in conjunction with a new 501©3 nonprofit the Washington County Abused Animal Relief Fund.   

Supporting WAARF is simple. Funds will be requested by donations contributed by owners purchasing annual pet licenses and the general public.  

How It Works

Washington County treasurer’s office will receive all voluntary contributions to WAARF and hold those funds in a separate account. The non-profit board of WAARF has established their procedures and protocols to respond to requests for assistance from qualified animal shelters, rescues, humane officers, police departments, and services. Animal shelters and animal caregivers apply for reimbursement of direct patient major medical care expenses for abused, neglected animals. The service provider must pay the first $500 of medical expense, and WAARF will provide expense reimbursement over the first $500 upon application and approval by WAARF.

Online application forms are available and print applications are available for download

NEW!: Visit WAARF on its own site at www.waarf.org

If you’d like to make a donation to WAARF, the address is: 

Treasurer's Office
100 West Beau Street
Suite 102D
Washington PA 15301

~You can help stop animal neglect and abuse.~