Washington Employees Living Longer (W.E.L.L.)

In 2005, the Board of Commissioners created the Washington Employees Living Longer program.  The goal of the program is to help County employees live a healthier and longer life.  The W.E.L.L. Committee meets every other month (see attached schedule).  The committee plans programs, reviews information from healthcare providers, and shares wellness ideas.  The committee consists of the Board of Commissioners, department heads, healthcare providers, and employees of the County. 

The W.E.L.L. Ambassadors, are the “Cheerleaders” of the Well Program.  The ambassadors of each department inform their staff of upcoming programs, attend wellness meetings, and assist in wellness activities. They are the direct link between the committee and employees.

Every April, the County partners with Monongahela Valley Hospital to provide a 37 Multiphasic blood work analysis.  This program, and the Real Age Testing is the basis of the County’s Wellness Program. The success of the program, is validated by the feedback received from the employees who have been helped.

For suggestions on health, wellness, or fitness ideas please contact Pat Maxon at 724-228-6933.