Candidate Forms

Follow all directions carefully and if there are any questions on how to properly fill out these forms please contact the Elections Office.

Political Committee Registration Statement
Committee Registration

Authorization for a Political Committee to Receive Funds on Behalf of a Candidate
Authorization to Receive Funds

Campaign Finance form for expenditures up to $250
Campaign Finance < $250
*must be notarized

Campaign Finance form for expenditures greater than $250
Campaign Finance > $250
*must be notarized

24 Hour Report for Late Contributions of $500 or more
24 Hour Report

Independent Expenditure Report
If you make an Independent Expenditure (an expenditure not in cooperation or consultation with any candidate or candidate's political committee) to influence the outcome of the election of a candidate or ballot question, you must file this report if the expenditure exceeds $100 in a calendar year (further instructions available with form).

Statement of Financial Interests (State Ethics Commission)
Statement of Financial Interests

Candidate's Affidavit for Petition Filing
*must be notarized

Candidate's Affidavit for Petition Filing - Precinct Committee Person specific
*must be notarized

Affidavit for Use of Nickname on Ballot
*must be notarized

Official notification of desire to be withdrawn as a candidate
Withdrawal Request
*must be notarized

Write in Requirements

Write in Declaration