Archived Election Results

Washington County Elections & Voter Registration is providing the election results on this web page as a public service. Major effort has been expended to make this page an accurate source of information. However, the Internet is both volatile and diverse. The correct configuration and error-free operation of all hardware and software used to access this page are beyond the reasonable control of Washington County Election Department.

The Election Department and its employees, vendors, and business associates accept NO responsibility for erroneous or incomplete election results viewed on or derived from this page or any real or perceived damages resulting from the use of this page.

Official, certified election results are available in the Elections Department located at 100 West Beau Street, Suite 206, Washington, PA. Official results are certified once the County Board of Elections signs the record books. Until this action occurs, the election results are not official.

As a result of issues experienced preparing the Final results for the Primary Election on May 20, 2014, additional reports are posted in a sub folder of the "Archived Results" folder.

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