Fairgrounds Master Plan

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The Washington County Planning Commission, in partnership with HRG, Inc., completed the Washington County Fairgrounds Master Plan in July 2012. The Plan gives background information about the County and the Fairgrounds, discusses the public input process, takes inventory of existing conditions at the Fairgrounds, and lays out future inprovements to the Fairgrounds. The plan also outlines the phased implementation plan to achieve those described improvements, and gives cost estimates to achieve those goals.

Please see the below documents for the complete plan, including Appendices and Improvement Layouts.

Fairgrounds Master Plan Document

Fairgrounds Master Plan - July 2012

Fairgrounds Master Plan Appendices - July 2012

Fairgrounds Master Plan Executive Summary - July 2012

Fairgrounds Grading Plan

Fairgrounds Phased Plan

Fairgrounds Final Plan

Fairgrounds Sealed Survey