Community Activities

Where's Warco?

Coroner Tim Warco is a member of many civic organizations and attends a LOT of community activities and functions. You never know where you may find him!

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washington county faior.jpg
Coroner Warco at the
Washington County

life flight_thumb.jpg
Mock Crash- Avella School 2012

Charleroi Parade 2011

Avella Mock Accident_thumb.jpg
Mock Crash- Avella School 2012

Canonsburg Parade
2012-Canonsburg Parade-Marco
and Coroner Warco

Vertern Salute_thumb.jpgMemorial Day 2012

Career Day
Career Day 2011-Taylor Ross Student
at Duquesne University interviewing
Washington County Coroner Timothy Warco

Memorial Day 2012- American Legion Post 175

kegel photo_thumb.jpg
Deputy Coroner Tim Kegel
With P.S.P. Trooper David Vanderaar

Lecturing at Penn Commercial_thumb.jpg
Coroner Warco lecturing at Penn Commercial-2012

American Legion Post 175-Canonsburg 2012

Charleroi Area High School 2012_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg
Drug Seminar- Charleroi Area High School 2012

tim w troopers_thumb.jpg
Coroner Warco and Deputy Coroner Kegel working
together with P.S.P. (Tim Warco,Trooper Porter,Trooper Yarosh,Cpl.Schmellzen, Trooper Hunter, Deputy Kegel)

Deputy Dave Kegel working together with Tri-Community Ambulance and Monongahela Police

Beanie McDonald_thumb_thumb.jpg
In Loving Memory of our Friend Beanie McDonald

Tim-Charity -Make a Wish_thumb.jpg
Charity- Make-A-Wish 2012

Tim- Make A WIsh_thumb.jpg Charity Event-2012

Tim -Ronald McDonald House_thumb.jpg
Charity Event- Ronald McDonald House-2012

tim with mayor_thumb.jpg Coroner Warco with Senator Tim Solobay

Dr. Lesnock -Medical Consultant_thumb.jpg
Dr. Lesnock- Medical Consultant

Coroner Warco and Robert McClure
Robert McClure and Tim at the Washington Co. Fair 2012

Canonsburg General Hospital Life Flight_thumb.jpg
Canonsburg General Hospital Life Flight

Washington County 2012 Service Clubs Awards Day_thumb.jpg Washington County Service Awards Day-2012

marco and tim_thumb.jpg
Coroner Warco,Deputy Marco and Doug McIntyre

Coroner Warco with Dan Price -CBS Early Show_thumb.jpg
Coroner Warco and Dave Price CBS Early Show

mylan classic_thumb.jpg
2012-Mylan Classic-Johnny Boyer and Tim

Tim and Timmy_thumb.jpg
Coroner Warco with his grandson ,Timothy III
and Deputy Dog

Deputy Tim Warco_thumb.jpg
Deputy Timmy Warco

Coroner Warco's Grandson, Timmy III

Drug Summit-Cannon Mac.bmp
Drug Summit- Canon Mac School 2013

mass fatalities 2013.jpg
Coroner Warco and Arbie Goings-D-MORT Instructor

California Area Drug Summit 2013.jpg
California Area Drug Summit 2013

Lori Spina, Tim and Mike Lucas.jpg
Mike Lucas, Lori Spina and Coroner Warco-Bentworth
Drug Summit 2013

McGuffey Mock Crash 2013.jpg
McGuffey Mock Crash-Deputy Tim Kegel, ADA Mike Lucas, Coroner Warco, Claysville Fire Cheif Hilenbrand
and DA Gene Vittone

California Area Drug Summit 2013 2.jpg
California Area Drug Summit

Ringold High School Mock Crash-2013.jpg
Ringold High School Mock Crash-2013

Ringold High School Mock Crash-2013 2.jpg
Monongahela City Police Officer Maraldo W/ Officer Benny

Ringold High School Mock Crash-2013 3.jpg
Ringgold Mock Crash 2013

Fort Cherry Mock Crash 5.jpg
Fort Cherry Mock Crash 2013

Fort Cherry Mock Crash 2013.jpg
Fort Cherry Mock Crash 2013

Fort Cherry Mock Crash 5.jpg
Fort Cherry Mock Crash 2013

Trinity Mock Crash 2013.jpg
Trinity High School Mock Crash 2013

fair w pigs.jpg
2013 County Fair-Robert McClure sharing his baby pigs
with the children

Johnson Family Fair.JPG
The Johnston Family at 2013 County Fair

fair w maggi.jpg
2013 County Fair

Marco Fair.jpg
Jr. Deputy Marco-Washington Co. Fair 2013

Diana Daughter Rescue Cat.jpg
Alexandra Irey Vaughan and Calliope with Rouge the dog

Governer Washington Co Fair.jpg
Governor Tom Corbett Washington Co. Fair

Deputy Tim Warco with NFL Offical Gene Sterstore.jpg
Timmy Warco with NFL Offical Gene Steratore

Deputy Tim Warco with EMS Steve Harding.jpg
Deputy Tim Warco with EMS Steve Harding

Passing The Torch -JFK.jpg
Susan Warco,Dr. Leon Rozin, Dr. Cyril Wecht and Coroner Warco at the Duquese University JFK -Passing the Torch Seminar

New Image.JPG
Coroner Warco speaking at the Ringgold Drug Summit

Officer Karlowsky and Golem
Washington City Police Officer Matthew Karlowsky and K9 Officer Golem

Ben Wecht, Tim Warco, Cyril Wecht

Dr. Henry Lee and Tim Warco

Ben Wecht, Tim Warco, and Dr. Cyril Wecht

Dr. Henry Lee and Tim Warco

Tim Warco and Dr. Rozin

Dr. Rebecca Plute

Coroner Tim Warco and Forensic Pathologist Dr. Leon Rozin

Dr. Rebecca Plute, Medical Director.

Tim Warco and Dave Blose

Dr. Lesnock's Retirement

Tim and Dave Blose

Dr. Lesnock's Retirement Party

Duke Forensic Fridays

Or Olam Synagogue, Manhattan

Forensic Fridays at Duquesne University

A visit to Or Olam Synagogue, Manhattan

Schweinebraten, 50-year Pin

Terrance Syrek

Dr. Schweinebraten, 50 Year Pin Washington Lodge 164; wife Pat; Dave Moore, DDGM, 29th Masonic District, and
Dave Thumm, WM Washington Lodge 164.

Terrance Syrek

Tim and Friends

Tim and Gene Steratore

Tim and Friends

Tim and NFL Official Gene Steratore

Tim and Tony Parisi

Tim and Family

Tim and Tony Parisi

Tim's Family: Rod Piatt, Jack Piatt, Gina Piatt-Johnston, Tim Warco and Greg West

Timmy III's Visit To Shorty's

Tim and family, Primanti's grand opening.

Junior Deputy Timmy III's First Visit To Shorty's

Tim, Family and Friends at the Grand Opening of Primati Brothers In Washington

Grandsons Timmy and Brennan at the Fair

2015 Fair Ambassadors Roy and Betty Naser

Grandsons Timmy III and Brennan at the 2015 Washington County Agricultural Fair

2015 Washington County Fair Ambassadors, Mr. and Mrs. Roy and Betty Naser.

2015 Fair Board

2015 Small Pet Show Winner

The 2015 Washington County Agricultural Fair Board, Opening Ceremony.

Winners of the 2015 "Small Pet" Competition at the Washington County Agricultural Fair. Back Row: Larry Maggi, Tim Warco. Front Row: Winners with Washington County President Judge Katherine Emery.

Tim, Dr. Stracci, and Nurse Joyce at Advanced Orthopedics

Tim, Dr. Lesnock and Dr. Matusic

Total knee replacement at Advanced Orthopedics; Tim with Dr. Stracci and Nurse Joyce.

Tim with Dr. Robert Lesnock and anesthesiologist
Dr. Brian Matusic at Advanced Orthopedics.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, Aunt Thelma Piatt and Tim Warco

Dr. Cyril Wecht, Aunt Thelma Piatt and Tim Warco.

2016 IAS Dinner

2016 Mock Crash - Trinity

Rudy DiNardo's Cooking Crew, 2016 Italian-American Society Dinner.

Coroner Tim Warco, Deputy Coroner Tim Warco II, Deputy Coroner Hillgartner and First Responders participated in Trinity's 2016 Mock Crash.

Brandon Neumann Flag Day

Flag Day 2016 - At Arms

Representative Brandon Neumann delivering a speech on Flag Day, 2016 at the Washington Elks.

Flag Day 2016 at the Elks Lodge, Washington.

2016 Blue Ride

Advanced Orthopedics Active Shooter Training

2016 Blue Ride Event.

Active Shooter Event at Advanced Orthopedics, 2016

Too Many Devices

Rudy DiNardo

Technology--it's great when it works. The reason Tim is so 'crazy'. (And his IT guy isn't too far behind...)

Rudy DiNardo and Friends, Annual Breakfast

Fair Board

Junior Deputy Brennan

The 2016 Washington County Agricultural Fair Board

Grandson (and Junior Deputy) Brennan assists Tim at the 2016 Washington County Agricultural Fair

Hickory AG 4H Club

Tim Warco at the 2016 Fair

Hickory AG 4H Club at Washington County Agricultural Fair, 2016.

A the 2016 Washington County Agricultural Fair

Coroner's Office staff and Commissioners

Attendance Presentation

Washington County Coroner's Office staff with
Washington County Commissioners. Pictured: Matt Yancosek, Chairman Maggi, intern Chase Powell,
Commissioner Irey-Vaughan, Tina McFall, Commissioner
Shober and Tim Warco.

Chief Coroner's Assistant Tina McFall was among 30+ County employees with perfect attendance in 2015.

Officer Karlowsky and Golem

Dr. Wecht, AG Shapiro and Susan Shanaman, Esq.

Washington City Police K9 Officer Golem and his partner, Officer Karlowsky

Renowned pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, Pennsylvania's Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and solicitor Susan Shanaman, Esquire.

Tim's Parents, Stush and Lois


 ​In memory of Tim's parents, Stanley "Stush" and Lois Warco

 ​Our friend Holly met President Clinton!



 Tim Warco, forensic experts Drs. Henry Lee Cyril Wecht, and Steve Toprani at an event honoring Dr. Lee.

 ​Famed criminal defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, Tim Warco, Dr. Cyril Wecht and Steve Toprani at a Continuing Education event hosted by the Duquesne University Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law



Tim and Dr. Michael Baden, former Chief Medical Examiner for New York City, at a Continuing Education Event hosted by the Duquesne University Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law



 ​A rare moment of downtime with Mr. Milton Rice and his Belgian draft horses at the Washington County Fair in August, 2017

 ​Tim and Commissioner Harlan Shober with our Chartiers Township friends in blue at the Washington County Fair in 2017



 Tim with the legendary B.E. Taylor in December of 2015. 

 ​Tim and Pennsylvania State Police Corporal Bardzil.

 Tim_Toprani_Shapiro  2017_Fair_Pizza

 Deputy Coroner and Solicitor Steve Toprani, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Tim Warco and at the 2017 Forensic Symposium; Duquense University .

 Tim and his friends from Galiffa's Pizza, Donora at the 2017 Washington County Agricultural Fair.
 IMG_7882  IMG_7819
 IMG_5756  2018 Italian Dinner
Tim sits between Mallory Onusko and Jessie Camilli, Fayette County Deputy Coroners, at a 2017 Continuing Education event.
Tim Warco, Rudy DiNardo, and friends at the 2018 Italian dinner. 
 Tim, Wecht  2018 Wecht Noguchi

​Tim with Ben Wecht and Dr. Cyril Wecht at the Wecht Insitute's 2018 symposium, "Of Kennedys and Kings: Reinvestigating the assassinations at 50."


​Tim and a Skype session with Dr. Thomas Noguchi, famed Los Angeles County Chief Medical Examiner, during the Wecht Institute's study of Robert F. Kennedy's death investigation. 

 2018 MFI 3  2018 MFI 4

​Some of the historic Pennsylvania Rail Road cars in Williamsport.

 Another shot of the Pennsylvania Rail Road units in Williamsport.

2018 MFI 5 2018 MFI 7

​Pennsylvania State Coroner's Association president Chuck Kiessling (center) and participants in the PSCA's 2018 Mass Fatalities Exercise held in Williamsport, PA.


​Participants from across the state played a crucial role in the Mass Fatality Exercise. Some familiar faces, including Deb Smeal and Judy Pleskonko, Centre County; Patti Ross, Blair County Coroner; Charley Hall, Cumberland County Coroner; Wendy Hastings, Sullivan County Coroner and Jimmy Johnson, Investigator for the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's office. Deb looks a little cold there on the extreme left!

 2018 MFI 9  2018 MFI 10
 The Mass Fatality exercise simulates a real-life disaster, from the death investigation and recovery to providing support with a Family Assistance Center.   Cumberland County Coroner Charley Hall (left) and one of the Pennsylvania State Coroner's Associations refrigerated morgue trucks. Placed strategically across the Commonwealth, one or more trucks can be sent to help cope with a mass fatality incident.
 MFI2018  2018 MFI 8

​Matt Stoner, Chief Deputy Coroner for Cumberland County and Judy Pleskonko, Chief Deputy Coroner for Centre County during the exercise. 


​A Life Flight helicopter landing during the event.