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A catwalk was a walkway used by officers to patrol the main cell block. Officers were only able to see the inmates and into their cells when directly in front of the cell. This image also gives you a perspective of the height and danger present just in patrolling the area.


The entire cell, floors, walls, ceiling, bars, bed, and even the toilet were made of iron and steel. Extensive painting and rusting is seen here. The inmates were locked in their cells during the night and at every shift change.

Day Space

Day space was referred to as a range. This is the area directly inside of the catwalk that the officers used to patrol the cell block. Inmates ate meals and spent most of their time here. There was very little space or inmate programs available.

Officer's View

This is generally what an officer could see while patrolling the catwalks. This view is while standing on the first floor looking up at the main cell block. Sight lines were very limited making supervision of the seventy plus inmates extremely difficult. This was typical of all linear jails built at the time.

Wing Cells

The cells in the wings were similar to those in the main cell block. A porcelain toilet is seen in this image and an added bunk. As population increased in the old jail it was necessary to add additional bed space. Standard fixtures were retrofitted due to the expense or lack of available original fixtures.


Wings were simply housing areas set apart from the main cell block. They are generally considered the oldest of the housing units. In the past, inmates that were sentenced to death were housed in these areas to await execution. At the time of closing, these areas were used for females, the infirm, mental problems, or any other inmate that did not classify to the general population in the main cell block.
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