Infant and Toddler Early Intervention

About the Infant and Toddler Early Intervention System

The Early Intervention (EI) Program is a family-centered, confidential program for children birth to three years of age. EI consists of services and supports designed to help families with children who have developmental delays. While all children grow and change at their own rate, some children can experience delays in their development. Sometimes this can be cause for concern. Early Intervention provides supports and services to young children and their families/caregivers to help the child grow and develop.

For more information, contact the Early Intervention County Coordination Department 724-228-6832.


Our supports and services are available to families living in Washington County whose Infants, toddlers, and preschool children (ages birth to three years) have special needs due to a developmental delay or diagnosis.


An evaluation, called a Multidisciplinary Evaluation or MDE determines whether your child is eligible to receive services through Washington County. This MDE will look at all areas of concern as well as any others that were indicated by the preliminary information gathered during the screening process. This evaluation can take place in your home and will look at five areas of your child’s development.

The five developmental areas are:
• Physical Development – ability to move, see and hear
• Language and Speech Development – ability to talk and express needs
• Social and Emotional Development – ability to interact with others
• Adaptive Skills –skills used in daily living
• Cognitive Development – ability to think and learn

Your participation is very important as a member of the team for this evaluation.


Early Intervention (EI) supports and services are provided at no cost to families. EI services may include: information on how children develop skills and abilities; education and support for the parent/caregiver, and specific developmental therapies designed for their child. Services may be provided during the child’s daily activities at home or in the community, at child care centers, nursery schools, playgroups, and Head Start programs. All Washington County EI services begin by contacting Washington County BHDS at 724-228-6832.

Early Intervention provides ideas for how a family can help their child at home as well as in the community, and is individualized to enhance both growth and learning. If a child is attending an early care/education setting, EI teachers/therapists/specialists can assist the early childhood staff with strategies to promote the child’s development. Early Intervention can also assist families in finding and linking to a variety of community services and supports. 

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