Energy Audit

Project Summary

The scope of work included in the recently advertised Request for Proposals document included the provision of professional consulting services for the performance of an energy audit of the buildings owned by Washington County. A registered professional engineer and/or certified energy manager will be required to perform the following tasks, at a minimum:
  • Inventory all energy using equipment
  • Field survey buildings and mechanical equipment, including motors and lighting
  • Document all utility related equipment
  • Inspect buildings’ envelope characteristics and conditions, including insulation values and infiltration rates
  • Inspect structure conditions, including walls, windows, doors, roofs, and insulation
  • Recommend energy saving opportunities
Based on the information gathered in the field, the county’s utility rates and engineering analysis, a firm must identify opportunities to save energy, reduce fossil fuel emissions, provide or retain jobs and provide probable construction costs, projected energy / utility savings, and simple payback analysis.

This project is anticipated to begin the week of July 20, 2009, and to be completed in phases with the first phase to include the courthouse, Courthouse Square, and Health Center within 120 days after the Notice to Proceed has been issued. Phase 2 will include the correctional facility, airport buildings, and Family Court Center to be completed within 90 days after Notice to Proceed has been issued.