About the Commission

The Planning Commission has a variety of responsibilities that include mapping of the county, the review of land development and subdivisions, and the orderly development of land. The commission also maintains extensive population and demographic data for the county and provides comprehensive information to potential developers and the general public.


The Planning Commission conducts and prepares numerous studies regarding environmental, economic, and general issues that impact county development and natural resources of the county. The commission also coordinates the development and preparation of various public affairs, information, and educational programs concerning county government. The Bridge Department, Department of Parks and Recreation, and flood control projects all fall under the Planning Commission's jurisdiction.

Helpful Links

Elected Officials Information:

- Federal Directory

- State Information Page

Planning Commission Publications:

- 2022 Municipal Directory

- 2022 County Profile (Large File)

- 2022 Recycling Facilities Directory

Topics of Interest:

- SPC Water Resource Center

- FEMA Map Center

- Washington County Agricultural Fair Home Page Link

- Washington County Chamber of Commerce Home Page Link

- Washington County Chamber of Commerce Demographics Page Link

Planning Commission News

- Washington County has changed its Comprehensive Plan HUB page!  We now have the Washington County Planning Commission HUB!  This site will be a landing site to access plan documents and other information regarding the development of plans for the county.  Please visit the below link to view the revised site. Thank you!

Washington County Planning Commission HUB

THE JVS ELECTRONIC COLLECTION FACILITY has released its 2023 schedule. Please click on the following link for more information:

Washington County/JVS Environmental 2023 Electronics Collection Schedule  

- Washington County Parcel Viewer Now Online!
Washington County Tax Assessment Office has created a County Parcel Viewer available to the public for simple property searches. Please click here to access the Tax Assessment website. 

Washington County Planning has developed an unofficial Subdivision & Land Development Guidelines document. This document is to help anyone who is subdividing or thinking about subdividing to get a basic understanding of the steps involved with the subdivision process. This is for informational purposes only. Please contact your municipality for additional information and procedures unique to your municipality.