Investigative Units

Washington County District Attorney's Drug Task Force

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The Washington County District Attorney's Drug Task Force aggressively investigates drug trafficking in all parts of Washington County from Burgettstown to the Mon Valley. In addition to the full time officer in charge of the task force, over 30 municipal police officers throughout the county conduct proactive investigations to identify, arrest and prosecute those who distribute illegal drugs in Washington County.

Especially in light of the recent increase in drug overdose deaths in Washington County, District Attorney Eugene Vittone has made drug trafficking interdiction the top priority of his administration. Furthermore, the District Attorney's Office actively supports treatment and diversionary programs to address the addiction problems that cause the high demand for controlled substances.

District Attorney Eugene Vittone also believes that an aggressive program of interdiction and treatment is essential to reducing all types of crime in Washington County. At a recent round-table discussion with Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, one of the members of the task force indicated that approximately 90% of all crime within his particular municipality were related in one way or another to illegal drugs.

Starting in 2012 the Washington County District Attorney's Drug Task Force embarked on an aggressive investigation into the sale of "synthetic marijuana" (otherwise known as "K-2" or "Spice") from retail establishments in the area. As of early 2014 the effect of these efforts has been the near elimination of all sales from retail establishments that previously been selling this illegal product.

Domestic / Sex Crimes Unit

The Domestic Violence / Sex Crimes Unit investigates and prosecutes sexually motivated crimes against both children and adults and cases involving domestic violence. The unit works closely with Women’s Center advocates and County Children and Youth Services (CYS).

Elder Abuse Unit

District Attorney Gene Vittone created the Elder Abuse Unit to coordinate with the Southwestern Pennsylvania Area Agency on Aging to engage in a multi-disciplinary investigation of cases involving elder physical and sexual abuse, neglect and other forms of exploitation in Washington County. District Attorney Vittone recognizes the need to bring additional resources to bear in order to protect our seniors who are especially vulnerable to this type of abuse. Furthermore, the unit engages in robust investigation of financial crimes against the elderly.