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Inmate Telephone
About the Telephone
Inmates are permitted to place telephone calls at various hours during the day. Inmates cannot receive incoming calls for any reason. If you wish to receive calls from an inmate you must set up an account with the inmate telephone provider. If you need assistance, view more information or contact the telephone provider at 1-888-506-8407
Blocking Calls: If you do not want to receive calls:
  • Stay on the line and listen carefully to the messages (the inmate cannot hear you).
  • You will hear several messages, so listen for the one that says "to block all calls from this facility" or "to block calls from this inmate".
    • "Block all calls" will prevent any in the facility from ever calling you.
    • "Block calls from this inmate" will prevent the inmate calling from ever calling you again.

If you have a problem blocking calls , or have blocked calls by accident contact the system administrator through the facility main number, 724.228.6845.