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Child & Adolescent
About the Department
Washington County’s Child and Adolescent Services support the belief that every individual and family has the ability to learn and grow. We support a philosophy of wellness that focuses on personal strengths, building hope, and offering choices.

The current public children's behavioral health system in Pennsylvania is based on the principles and framework developed more than 20 years ago through the Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP). CASSP is committed to the development of a comprehensive, coordinated, and collaborative system of services for children, adolescents, and their families with multi-system needs based upon the CASSP Core Principals.

CASSP is a comprehensive system of care for children and adolescents with, or at risk of, developing serious emotional challenges and/or substance abuse. CASSP assists children, adolescents, and their families to gain access to needed services. Services are planned collaboratively with the child/adolescent, family, mental health system, the school, and all other child-serving agencies. Any service provider or family member may request a CASSP meeting. The meeting will be used to develop a support plan based on the strengths of the family and addressing the issues targeted by the family and team.

For a listing of supports and resources for Washington County area families of children with special challenges, help is just A Phone Call Away.

For more information please contact the Child and Adolescent Administrative Assistant, Sara Harvey.

Please note the following on specific services:
  • All requests for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS or wraparound), or Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR), must be recommended by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • All requests for the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) must be recommended by a licensed psychiatrist.
  • All evaluations requesting BHRS, CRR, or RTF must be current within 60 days and must be faxed to the Washington County BHDS Office at (724) 250-4146. A county designee will contact the parent or guardian to schedule an Interagency Service Plan Team (ISPT) meeting.
  • All requests for Family-Based Mental Health Services must be recommended by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. The evaluation must be faxed to The Washington County BHDS Office at (724) 250-4146. The CASSP coordinator will contact the parent or guardian to schedule an Interagency Team meeting and offer a choice of three providers:
    • Centerville Clinics, Inc.
      Ph: (724) 223-1067
    • Pressley Ridge
      Ph: (724) 225-4400
    • Southwood Family Based
      Ph: (866) 809-0447

Most services require the child to have Medical Assistance to access BHRS, CRR, RTF, and Family Based services. A child or adolescent may qualify for Medical Assistance based upon the child or adolescent’s diagnosis, regardless of family income. Does your child quality for Medical Assistance through the loophole? For youth and young adults (ages 16 - 25) refer to our Healthy Transitions page.

More Information
If you have any questions, or to obtain a copy of the BHRS provider list, please call (724) 228-6832.
Click here for our Summer Camp Booklet.