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  1. Citizens review Board of Elected Officals

    My Son was in a Horrific ACCIDENT which he lost the girl he loved and was charged with homicide by vehicle .After my son changed his mind over an open plea with a so called Judge Borkowski The Judge...

    Dec 16, 2013 by William Reihner (5 points)

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  2. Homeless Shelters, Quality of life improvements

    Positive music and laugh and love at the crisis centers for the mentally ill instead of employees going for Doctorates in psychology sitting around watching gorey tv and saying "what a great show"...

    May 10, 2016 by growth60 (5 points)

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  3. fix potholes on 231 south and 844 off jeffferson ave

    fix the holes

    Mar 31, 2015 by Pete F Pirillo Jr. (5 points)

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  4. some mentally ill patients are just misdiagnosed gifted adults and we need to provide stimulating environments for them to be productive.

    I was abandoned in my flea infested home 25 years ago by my family who usurped their power of me, College educated people and a husband who hit me and verbally abused me and made me feel crazy and I...

    Jan 14, 2016 by growth60 (5 points)

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