1. Administration

    Learn about the county's administration.

  2. Board of Commissioners

    Learn about the board, commissioners, and other county staff.

  3. Booking Center

  4. Building & Grounds

    Check out the county's department building.

  5. Chief Clerk

    Access information about the chief clerk as well as meeting agendas and minutes.

  6. Clerk of Courts

  7. Controller

    Find out about vendor information.

  8. Coroner

    Learn about the coroner's duties and responsibilities.

  9. Correctional Facility

    Obtain driving directions, the commitment report, a facility tour, and inmate information.

  10. Court Administration

  11. Court Technology & Records Management

  12. District Attorney

    Check out victim and witness assistance, units of investigation, the victims' bill of rights, and other services.

  13. Elections

    Find out about absentee voting, accessibility, results, poll locations, registering, and voter information.

  14. Finance

    View the county's budgets and other financial information.

  15. Domestic Relations

  16. GIS Department

  17. Health Center

    Learn about activities, admissions, adult day care, employment, and the health center's history.

  18. Human Resources

    Check out jobs and applications.

  19. Human Services

    View services for aging, behavior/development, children, homelessness, and assistance.

  20. Information Technology

    Access the IT departments services, including connectivity resources.

  21. Judges

  22. Jury Management

  23. Law Library

  24. Magisterial District Judges

  25. Parks & Recreation

    Learn about all the department has to offer residents.

  26. Planning

    Access information for recycling, flood control, preservation efforts, and county plans.

  27. Probation Services

  28. Prothonotary

  29. Public Defender

    Review the duties and responsibilities of the county's public defender.

  30. Public Safety

    Learn about public safety efforts regarding emergencies, disaster preparedness, hazardous materials, and weather.

  31. Purchasing

    Find out about bids, donations, vendors, and guidelines.

  32. Recorder of Deeds

    View the recorder of deeds' checklist.

  33. Register of Wills

  34. Sheriff

    Find out about the duties, responsibilities, and positions within the sheriff's office.

  35. Solicitor

    Access information on the solicitor.

  36. Tax Revenue

    Find out about assessments, claims, payments, and property queries.

  37. Treasurer

    Obtain licenses, tax inquiries, and real estate information.

  38. Veterans Affairs

    Find out about veteran affairs within Washington County.