Information Technology

The Washington County Information Technology (IT) Department provides overall management of the electronic information needs of the county.

As part of our mission, we encompass several related groups and individuals working within the county structure. This type of organizational structure provides appropriate IT support to all departments in a decentralized organizational structure designed to ensure the highest level of professional expertise close to the end user. This arrangement also provides an in-depth support organization to ensure that the county makes the best use of the available resources using best business practice standards.


The core Washington County IT group consists of:

Name Position
Debra L. Rutan Chief Information Officer
Barry Clark
Assistant Director
Bill Fraley Network and Systems Administrator
Steve Tkach
Deputy Director of Court Information
Matthew Cain Network / Applications Support Specialist
Ryan Anderson Network / Applications Support Specialist
Dave Garbutt
Manager of Court Information
Carl DiMarco
Application Trustee & Inter-agency Technology Manager
Rodney Jones Network & Systems Support Specialist / PSAP Center
John Crawford Criminal Justice IT Support Specialist
Don Barrett
 Project & Database Coordinator
Rob Landis Network / Application Technician